Over the last three generations, MPAR Developments a family owned and operated business has focused on real estate development, construction and engineering. Over the past 40 years, MPAR's projects have included residential homes, master planned subdivisions, academic residences, condominiums, industrial and commercial buildings, non-profit housing and seniors' communities.

MPAR Developments brings a diversified portfolio of projects forward through land acquisitions, development, construction management and marketing. Well versed in analyzing emerging real estate trends MPAR Developments has the critical experience and knowledge to know when and where to develop.

MPAR developments private, innovative projects are part of their continuing commitment to establishing progressive and vibrant developments, which stay attuned to the character and ambiance of the surrounding community. Clients and purchasers benefit from MPAR's passion and high standards. They consistently build unique projects focusing on quality, lifestyle, location and value.

MPAR Developments is dedicated to reducing its environmental impact by developing sustainable buildings through the adoption of new green technologies.Continuous research allows them to integrate the most efficient and innovative products into their buildings. These measures help ensure a higher quality of lifestyle as well as respecting the environment for future generations.


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